The word on the street from venues, brides, grooms, and students. 

"Christine Alice is a true asset to Lucky Joe's when she plays here. She is adept at reading crowds and keeping a great vibe going on throughout her sets. She is one of our "A" list musicians for a reason, she can flat out sing and play!"

Joe Vader
Owner of Lucky Joe's

"Christine has been such an encouraging teacher for my guitar lessons! I appreciate the time she takes to show me different techniques and her knowledge in music. She has shown me voicing  on the guitar, finger picking, and different ways to stylize the songs I'm learning. I would highly recommend her for guitar lessons."

Sam Peterson
Guitar student

"...In addition to Christine's beautiful music & voice, she did a fantastic job blending in with the wedding guests and making everyone comfortable and happy...I couldn't recommend a better wedding singer - all of my guests were thrilled and impressed with her music. "

Katie Barstow
The Bride

"I feel so fortunate to have found Christine! It's not hard to see her passion for sharing her love of music with my daughter. It has been so fun to see my daughter's ability & confidence grow after each session!"

Amanda Eichhorn
Piano student's mother

"...Booking her will not only boost your sales, it'll ensure customer return. Not to mention she's an incredible human, with a heart and a brilliant mind. I look forward to every evening we are graced with her presence."

Izzy Bowen
Music Manager of Pourhouse Loveland

Chrsitine Alice was the easiest choice of my wedding. Not only was she vocally gifted, but she added a musical experience I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Pete Arens
The Groom