A Woodburning Stove

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"A Wood Burning Stove"
by Christine Alice

"Moving Along"
Live by Christine Alice

"An Open Door"
Live by Christine Alice

"That's the Way it Goes" 
Live by Christine Alice

"Sea of Love"
Covering Cat Power

Covering Post Malone

"Heart Shaped Box"
Covering Nirvana


Christine's band

Photography by JasmineMallow

Filming music videos at the Armory

Live with
All Night Train

Live at The Aggie Theatre

Singin a tune

Singing for a wedding in Mexico

Photography by Ken Williams

Still shot during the filming of Chords

Chords, a short film

Barnfly productions shows off 1/2 of the festivals acceptances

Kickin it

Another film festival acceptance

Live perfomance

Live at the Forge

New Taylor guitar

Bob Barker reminding Christine to practice

An Evening with Liz Barnes and Wendy Woo

Solo performance

LaPorte festival 2021